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Business Travellers Staying In Long-Term Serviced Apartments

serviced apartment

Many business professionals need to move to certain cities for projects and business work. Their work might require them to move to a new city for a period of six months.

Corporate companies used to pay for the accommodation of their employees and guests in five-star hotels before. But now there is a fast emerging alternate accommodation known as Sydney serviced apartments which are becoming popular among these corporate companies.

These establishments offer spacious, comfortable and convenient accommodation with standard services at a much lower price.

serviced apartment

These accommodations have become popular among the corporate world and major cities have the sufficient number of these apartments, both luxurious apartments and lower end basic apartments.

In many countries, the concept of the long-term serviced apartment is immensely popular. IT parks and famous locations in major cities are easily accessible to these establishments.

Whenever professionals’ employees are assigned to work on a project or a contract based project, they generally look for these apartments to rent as they are considered as the temporary residence with all the facilities like a home.

The corporate firm and the owner of the apartment enter into a deal or agreement for certain duration of time. IT companies that regularly assigns its employees to affiliate companies in some major cities may choose to deal with the owner of the apartment for a period of one to three years.

serviced apartment

Doing this assures that companies can get fixed or discounted rent and also confirmed accommodation. This means that these deals and agreements are beneficial for both the parties.

Why chatswood serviced apartments are high in demand?

Firstly, it is the cost-effective option. Guest get to enjoy a home-like atmosphere during their stay with personalized services.

Some of the basic services are offered by all the serviced apartments around the world like air conditioning, unlimited internet, kitchen, housekeeping services and security. Some high-end establishments also have swimming pools, fitness gym, tennis court and conference rooms.