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Where to Find Budget Accommodation

serviced apartments

When visiting a new city away from home for an extended duration of time, the cost of a hotel can quickly add up. A stay of few weeks or a month in a hotel can stretch even the most generous expenses.

However, if you want to stay in a city for more than a couple of weeks, then there are other options than hotels.For instance, Sydney serviced apartments are a much more cost-efficient and comfortable solution for your accommodation needs.

A serviced apartment is also known as the fully furnished apartment that offers all the comforts of the home while you are in a new city. Serviced apartments offer several advantages over hotels such as:

serviced apartments

1. More space: Almost every hotel room is pretty small, no matter the cost. They are generally meant for short stays and offer limited amenities like the bed and living area.

On the other hand, serviced apartments usually offer more space for the same price. And a luxury serviced apartment may also offer multiple bedrooms and larger, comfortable lounge for the same price as a single room of a similar standard.

2. Home comforts: Serviced apartments usually include features such as fully equipped kitchen, allowing you to cook your own food rather than eating restaurant food every day. A kitchen can save you a huge amount of money if you are staying for a month or more.

3. Laundry: Serviced apartments offer in-room laundry facilities. Though this may not sound like an important advantage over hotels as hotels usually offer laundry service themselves the cost of the service can make a huge difference.

serviced apartments

4. Space for a family: Vast majority of hotel rooms offer limited room for family parties, Sydney chatswood furnished apartments are usually found with several bedrooms and bathrooms which is perfect for parties and families of any size.

5. Hotel style facilities: Some of the hotels like facilities offered by serviced apartments are fitness center, swimming pools, restaurants and concierge services. These services are offered at much lower cost than what you would pay for a hotel.