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Top 5 Reasons To Live In Serviced Apartments

The Top 5 Reasons To Live In Serviced Apartments

The top five reasons to live in serviced apartments are easy to see.

Many people are now choosing serviced apartments over hotels or motels for short-stay accommodation. Such as a business trip or holiday with the family, due to their numerous benefits to convenience, access to amenities and security. However, serviced apartments are also a fantastic option for long-stay accommodation. Whether you are just visiting for six months or plan to make the area your permanent home, a serviced apartment may be just what you need. We have compiled the top five reasons to live in serviced apartments.


The number one reason serviced apartments are a fantastic living option is security. Serviced apartments are all equipped with 24-hour CCTV, secure gates and staff available night and day for any issues that arise. Any untoward behaviour will not be tolerated and the perpetrator will be efficiently dealt with by authorities. This allows you wonderful peace of mind, so you can feel assured your privacy and your belongings are well looked after.


The service

True to their name, ‘serviced’ apartments provide you with a level of service, unlike any other apartment or housing complex. Staff are always happy to help should you need anything, and are a wealth of information about the local area if you are unsure of anything or looking for recommendations. They also provide the housekeeping – which is a welcome relief for busy professionals and families. No more dealing with maintenance issues or tackling those regular mundane cleaning jobs – help is on hand. Take time to get to know the staff on your apartment block, they will appreciate your time as well.


Fully self-contained and spacious

Modern serviced apartments are well-appointed with quality furniture, laundry facilities, internet connectivity and cable TV. There is plenty of room to host meetings or social gatherings in the privacy of your own apartment, and those who enjoy high-rise living will love sitting out on the balcony on a summer’s evening. The fully-equipped kitchen allows you to cook up a storm whenever you like, which benefits not only your health but your hip pocket as well.


Access to amenities

Speaking of health, many apartments come with full use of the common gym and swimming pool. Living in a serviced apartment means you no longer have to pay for an expensive gym membership or take a long way home to avoid the guilt of skipping your session. You have everything you need to achieve your health and fitness goals right there on-site. Check with your serviced apartment provider for properties that include these facilities if you are interested.


Living in a serviced apartment may seem extravagant, but it is actually a comparatively cost-effective alternative to many private rentals. Spacious apartments of anywhere from one to three bedrooms provide all the creature comforts you (and your family) need, with the value-add of all of the above benefits: security, housekeeping for your cleaning needs, maintenance services, a fully-appointed kitchen and amenities such as the gym and pool. If you were to pay for all of these things separately, costs would certainly skyrocket. Serviced apartments are also located in convenient areas, close to public transport, shopping centres and schools to ensure your daily commute costs and are low (in time as well as money!).


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