Know about serviced apartments

Rise and Scope of Corporate Apartments

Serviced Apartment In Chatswood

Corporate apartments are becoming a most popular accommodation in the travel industry.

Corporate housing is a kind of business plan which is now being utilized by many accommodation providers. These furnished rental apartments are rented on a provisional basis to individuals or corporates.

Serviced Apartment In Chatswood

These apartments are considered as a reliable alternative to hotels.

The price of the serviced apartments mainly depends on the duration of stay, bed rooms in the apartments and the location of the place. Taking into consideration all these factors, the price of these short term rentals appears to be less than a hotel.

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A growth of Corporate Apartments in Recent times:

In the past few years, corporate apartments have been increased in terms of growth and popularity.

People traveling around consider these apartments as the best alternative when compared to a hotel stay. For instance, Chatswood furnished apartments offer extended facilities such as:

  • Furniture
  • Furnished Kitchen
  • Private Bath
  • Linens
  • Electronics

With the increasing growth of this industry, it is expected to get more benefits and cheaper rates of furnished apartments.

Short Term Apartment

Advantages of Corporate Apartments:

  1. Cost:

These apartments are considered as a cheaper in price as compared to hotels. The price of the apartment increases with the duration of stay, which makes them a perfect option for longer stay. They are almost 30% cheaper than hotels.

  1. Privacy:

These apartments are the best option in terms of privacy. It provides a great level of privacy to do whatever you want inside the apartment.

Short Term Apartment

  1. Fully furnished Kitchen:

Furnished Kitchens are the added factor which makes it different from a hotel. It provides a feeling of home and the best choice for extended stay too.

  1. Space:

In terms of space availability, corporate apartments are the top winners. For almost similar rates, corporate apartments offer improved facilities and space than an average hotel room.