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Rising Popularity of the Serviced Apartments

serviced apartment

Serviced apartments are fully furnished flats. They are similar to the hotel rooms. Serviced apartments are either used for a short-term or long-term stay. Serviced apartments offer you more space, more privacy as compared to hotels rooms. The serviced apartments are 30% less costly than hotels rooms.

You can easily find Chatswood serviced apartments by exploring the internet. There are multiple websites available online where you just need to enter the information such as date of arrival, date of departure, rooms you need, room on which floor and much more to find serviced apartments.


serviced apartment In Europe, serviced apartments are very popular. There are several employees who prefer to choose serviced apartments whenever they have to travel to any other place for their work. This kind of accommodation is much more advantageous as compared to staying in the expensive hotel room. These apartments also offer you comfort these apartments are designed in a way to make you comfortable all the time.

Research shows that in 2017, serviced apartments in the UK occupied 81% space as compared to hotels. According to recent research by Business Travel in November 2017, serviced apartments are used more by the end of 2017 as compared to the year 2016.


serviced apartment

In terms of occupancy rates, hotels rooms are lagging behind. Now, companies have started providing serviced apartments accommodation to the employees, who go for business trips rather, than to provide hotel room accommodation.

Due to rise in popularity of the serviced apartments, serviced apartments industry is expanding at large scale. The largest operators of services apartments are SACO. They have made many achievements in the past few years.

serviced apartment

If you are staying in a hotel room, they will charge you extra for laundry, room service, minibars and much more whereas in the serviced apartments there is no involvement of extra charges. Staying in serviced apartments will save a lot of money which you can spend somewhere else.

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