Know about serviced apartments

Types Of Serviced Apartments


Sydney is the most elegant city in Australia and is also among one of the most attractive places in the world. Sydney has so much to love about. Though there is a huge list of Sydney attractions, it is mostly famous for its aquatic and wildlife attractions.

Visiting Sydney guarantees you a lifetime of sweet memories, not only in terms of the attractive places it has but also in terms of accommodation where you stay. This fact has been confirmed by several people who have been to this magnificent place.


Even in the cities like Chatswood, famous among business people, you will find several apartments that will take your breath away. With Chatswood serviced apartments, you can enjoy the luxury class amenities and services.

Again coming towards Sydney apartments, they are categorized into the following types:

Sydney Executive and Corporate Apartments:

If you are visiting Sydney for work, you may choose for luxuries Sydney corporate apartments, which are specially designed keeping your needs in mind. These apartments offer the best possible accommodation for your employees.


Sydney Serviced Apartments:

These apartments are usually situated in the most popular areas of Sydney and provide all types of luxury a person could ever imagine.

The serviced apartments in Sydney provide amenities like plasma TVs with DVD player, a cable connection, and that too without any extra charge. They also have a fully furnished kitchen, equipped with facilities like oven, microwave, dishwasher, etc.

Sydney Short Stay Apartments:


Sydney short stay apartments make the perfect choice for the families, visiting Sydney for vacation or for short business trips. Unlike hotels, staying in short stay apartments will give a feeling like you are in your own home.

They provide you with plenty of space where you can relax and enjoy with your family. You may get facilities like swimming pool, courtyard and a garden in these short stay Sydney apartments.

These were the three most common types of apartments that Sydney has. If you are visiting Sydney on your next trip, you should read a great post offering some tips on visiting Sydney, via this link.