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Advantages of Serviced and Executive Apartments

serviced apartments

When it comes to choosing an accommodation, hotels are still a preferred choice for those who can afford it. But for the people who want to save a few bucks, serviced apartments can be the best option.

In other words, hotels are known as a luxurious accommodation while furnished apartments are the practical option. If a traveler is unable to stay in a hotel room for a long time, then these apartments can be the next best thing.

serviced apartments

What are serviced apartments?

Serviced apartments Chatswood are completely furnished units that are available for rent for any duration of time. Though the cost difference between these accommodations is not much. But for a long-term stay, these apartments can help you save a great deal of money.

Therefore, serviced apartments are the ideal choice for travelers who wish to stay for a few weeks or months.

Besides the rate of the rent, these apartments also provide same or more levels of comfort as that of hotels.

One of the main differences between an apartment and a hotel room is that you get a full unit with living room, bedroom, bathroomand kitchen in case of serviced apartments while in a hotel you just get a room with the side desk or mini bar.

serviced apartments

There are many furnished apartments that have their own kitchens, which contribute to saving some money from the travel expenses by allowing you to cook your own meals instead of buying expensive food from a restaurant.

Furnished apartments are considered as a home away from home. These apartments are also known as executive apartments by some people as they offer the same level of furnishings but have a little of business-like feel as if it is made exclusively for traveling businessmen or executives who fly for the sole purpose of business deals.

serviced apartments

One common misconception people have these days is that executive apartments are different from that of serviced apartments. Executive apartments, corporate apartments are the terms used for serviced apartments only. To get detailed information on serviced apartments, read this article.