Know about serviced apartments

Chatswood business and Entertainment stays

Stay in Chatswood The best accommodation options in Chatswood are available at a most reasonable price. Executive Living offers a fully serviced & self-contained home away from home apartments in close proximity to major business, commercial, education and tourist centres…

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Smart travelers in Chatswood

Housing and Accommodation with a difference. Chatswood offers a range of housing opportunities for the smart traveler. Accommodation that is high quality  and that falls within most budgets is readily available. The variety of options to stay in the area…

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The corporate traveler

Business travellers see accommodation costs as an unavoidable part of the travelling expense. Get a quote from Executive Living for the best options.!!!!!!! The ideal situation for businesses is to minimise the cost without compromising on the quality of the…

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Short Term fully Furnished apartments in Sydney

Short term accommodation Short Term fully furnished accommodation in Sydney is in short supply. It is a well-known fact that it represents a much better option in regards to cost than hotels and provide a feel of home to long…

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Short term accommodation -Sydney

Short term accommodation pitfalls. Short term accommodation in Sydney is a challenge if you are trying to find a decent place to stay that will not cost you the earth. Some apartments are advertised at a very low cost but…

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Furnished accommodation in Sydney

Accommodation in Sydney by Executive Living. Executive Living offer you a large range of furnished apartment choices to suit your budget and needs during your Sydney visit. Whether you are coming to study, work or for holiday we offer the…

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People traveling to another country often look for the comfortable place to stay whether they go for a  business tour, vacation or get enrolled in a university. Their only priority while searching an accommodation is privacy and convenience. Serviced apartments,…

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Top Reasons Why Serviced Apartments Are Preferred Over Hotels

serviced apartment

Residences like furnished suites and serviced apartments are specially designed to satisfy the needs of short-term and even long-term accommodations. Apart from providing a place to live, they also offer a whole range of amenities and services that you may…

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The Perks Offered By Serviced Apartments

Serviced Apartment

The most important thing that one must consider while planning a vacation is to look for a comfortable place to live in. Most of the people find it convenient to book a hotel. Certainly, there are several advantages of staying…

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