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Extended Stay Apartments – 4 Important Amenities To Look For


Extended stay apartments can be a fantastic solution for people who are looking for comfortable and affordable accommodation for few weeks or months.  Staying in the hotel for an extended period of time can get very expensive.

Extended stay apartments are basically fully furnished apartments that cater specifically for people who want to live in an apartment for a certain period of time. These apartments are popular among business travelers.

Apart from affordability and comfort, there are a number of amenities that extended stay apartments offer, which are listed below:


1. Full-equipped Kitchen: It’s obvious that a hotel room does not give you the convenience of your own kitchen. You have to eat every meal in a hotel or a restaurant which can be quite expensive if you are staying in the city for some period of time.

Having your own kitchen is very convenient as it gives you the ability to fix your meals as per your choice and convenience. Before choosing Chatswood furnished apartments make sure that it comes with a fully equipped kitchen.


2. Servicing: If you are at work for the whole day and basically just sleep in your apartment, then you may need someone who can take care of daily cleaning and housekeeping.

Many furnished apartments offer daily cleaners same like a hotel and many of them also provide basic food items like tea, coffee etc.

3. Laundry: Laundry is one of the main services that business travelers should look for. If you are staying in an extended stay apartment, then make sure you check the laundry facilities.

Some apartments come with their own laundries while some apartments have communal facilities.


4. Entertainment: Many serviced and corporate apartments come with modern entertainment facilities nowadays like TV, cable, and PlayStation.

Some apartments also offer home gyms and other entertainment facilities that can help you to relax after a long day. Coming to an empty apartment from the office can be very challenging for the business travelers. Therefore, the need of home entertainment is important. In order to get more knowledge on serviced apartments, read this article.