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Short term accommodation -Sydney

Short term accommodation pitfalls.

Short term accommodation in Sydney is a challenge if you are trying to find a decent place to stay that will not cost you the earth.

Some apartments are advertised at a very low cost but when you visit them the plaster is falling off the walls. You want to find an apartment that is reasonably priced but also that it offers all the comforts of home.

Prices in Sydney are astronomically high. You still can find honest low-cost accommodation that it is well positioned to provide that apartment that you need.To ensure that you find what you want you must look at alternatives.

Some websites offer options for you to explore. Be aware of the too good to be true offers as they usually are.

Many of these websites quote a daily rate. When you actually get to the bottom of it, you are charged for utility expenses, internet access, parking and cleaning separately from the daily rate. This means that you end up with a much higher rate than you anticipated.

Executive Living includes all those charges in your daily rate. This means that you know from the start how much you will pay.
Ask all the questions when you get a quote to avoid confusion and overcharging. This way you avoid nasty surprises on departure.

The availability of apartments is improving as the number of apartment grows in Sydney. This will ensure fair competition on the years to come.